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Here are a few of the fine and talented folk who have helped us along the way; we are most grateful.

Studio / recording

Andris Kiss

Andris is a great guy, very knowledgeable and experienced and he records and produces loads of fantastic music of all genres including our first album. You can learn more about him here - highly recommended!

Photography  and videos:


killtheapathy is a Scottish photographer/videographer now based in Carlisle. She has been taking photos for 8 years but killtheapathy wasn't born until late 2018. Since then she has posted photos and videos based around: street/nature/animals/architecture/sport/music/promotions/art and live events and she intends to take on more new projects in 2021. Travelling around with her camera her photos aren't only centred in Cumbria, but is her main base. She is now available for hire.

Simon Whalley

I am a community-orientated artist, developing projects and my own work focused mainly around connections to nature. In my own photography I seek to deepen peoples connection with nature. I produce cards, prints and books with a natural world focus. I like the concept of ‘magical realism’ finding the magic in the everyday. I am also a qualified Youth and Community Worker and so interested in working with organisations to help them develop artistic community based work around natural themes, a sense of place and local heritage. I have a good network of fellow artists who I can bring together to develop innovative solutions. If you’d like to contact me to discuss your requirements and see if I can help please do so… CONTACT SIMON Gallery for Nature, Brougham Hall, Penrith, CA10 2DE 07968 095597

Sarah Rush-Williams

Growing up in the Lake District, I have always been drawn to nature and the beauty it brings. From a young age I've obsessively photographed everything I see, whether it be my surroundings, friends or pets! To me, photography is a powerful tool, one that can collect memories but also send a message.

With a BA Honours degree in Wildlife Media, I have extended my skills to both Photography and Film. Documenting the world and all of it's creatures has become a passion of mine. 

I believe in simplicity, especially in photography. This is where I have found my love for 35mm film. With selective and thoughtful shooting, you can create the most unique images. 

To me, photographs are memories. That’s what I love about film photography, you’re capturing a moment in time which most likely can’t be replicated or manipulated with. I’m in love with the outdoors and I’ve become a passionate fell walker, so it syncs really beautifully with that. I’m obsessed with capturing the different seasons of the Lake District and sharing my own adventures with others. When I’m out walking, taking my photos helps me to be still and appreciate the moment and beauty around me.

Tolivar Productions

Philip Hewitson is a film maker, writer, and poet with a small production company ‘Tolivar Productions’ based in Carlisle. In December 2018 he helped put on a special 'SpeakEasy' spoken word event as part of Carlisle’s participation in the ‘FREIRAUM’ Project in collaboration with Goethe Institut, AWAZ Cumbria,, and many others. 


Along with several others he is keeping ’SpeakEasy’ going after the passing of Nick Pemberton who inspired so many people in Carlisle and further afield.


As a writer he has been published in four SpeakEasy magazines and is a regular contributor to ‘SpeakEasy’ open mic and ‘Poets Out Loud’ in Cockermouth

Jay Gilmour Media

Jay is a very talented filmmaker and photographer. He took some lovely pictures of us playing at The Pheasant at Cumwhitton and generously sent them all to us to use. We are very grateful. Check out his elegant and tasteful work here:

Groups and other artists

Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN)

EVAN is a group of artists, organisations and venues based
in the North Lakes, West Lakes and Eden Valley. From a gallery to open studios events, concerts and all kinds of collaborations, EVAN does it all in and around the Eden Valley area of Cumbria

Dawn Hurton

Dawn is a multi-faceted artist. In 2018, she instigated a wonderful project using automata figures to tell the story of the lives of ordinary and extraordinary characters from history who lived around the area of the Eden Valley. The automata project spawned a collaboration of musicians and poets to further develop those tales and out of that, Errant Thieves came forth! So thank you Dawn! She continues to develop that work in The Clifford Movement, along with Gwen and June from the band.

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