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What Thievery is this?

A bit more about us.....

Errant Thieves are made up of June Swift, Gwen Bainbridge, Pete Moran and Peter Michael Rowan.  In 2018, sisters, Gwen and June, were busy with their band Misdemeanours, while 'the Petes' were busy playing with folk trio, Green Man's Apprentice. But the four came together with other local musicians for a wonderful, diverse artistic project called 'Beneath the Beacon', employing automata puppets, poems and songs to tell the stories of local historical characters.

It is fair to say they had rather a lot of fun and, afterwards, fell into a few 'accidental' gigs together. The band name comes from their 'theft' of members of other bands, their 'borrowed' songs and is also a nod to that first project they worked on which included stories of many local miscreants and vagabonds - a theme that prevails in their set to this day.

Those early, accidental gigs had formed into Errant Thieves by early 2019 and, since then, the band have been booked from Edinburgh to Oxford at festivals, arts centres, village halls and street performances. Most of their playing is still in and around Cumbria and they thrive on intimate gigs with plenty of friendly (and cheeky!) audience interaction.

Vocal harmonies, woody, acoustic instruments and original arrangements come together to provide a rootsy and warm sound. Poignant songs nudge in amongst more upbeat numbers and Americana mixes in with more Celtic and English accents.

'The Thieves' are still very fond of a festive gig and have a whole Midwinter  set that grows each year. At other times, songs of the changing seasons mix with tales of dodgy characters, wistful memories, misadventure, love and name just a few themes!

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